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Two Automated Liquid Handling Platforms

Agilent Bravo and Mantis Liquid Handlers 

These robotic devices support the Core’s NGS workflows but also are made available for robotizing assay development and performance. Inquire with the Core to learn more.

Formulatrix Mantis

Mantis is a liquid dispenser perfect for low-input genomics applications. The user-friendly software allows for quick setup and accurate dispensing into 96-or 384-well plates. The Mantis offers a robust and flexible solution for standard or custom single-cell genomics applications.


Agilent Bravo NGS Liquid Handling System

The Bravo is a high-throughput automated liquid handler capable of processing 96 samples concurrently. The CCR Genomics Core Bravo system is programmed to perform routine genomics workflows including library prep and enrichment for next generation sequencing (NGS). As an automated system, the Bravo enables the core to reduce turn-around time and increase consistency between samples and can quickly automate pre-developed methods for Agilent, Illumina and more without sacrificing data quality.