OSTR/STARS Subsidies

NCI CCR investigators are eligible for a 50% subsidy on select technologies provided by the Core. Visit the OSTR/STARS website for further details. New policy for NGS subsidies are detailed on the STARSseq guidelines page.


Core Acknowledgement

Please remember that it is important to acknowledge the CCR Genomics Core in all publications (scholarly reports, presentations, posters, papers) that include data derived from the facility. Proper acknowledgment provides a visible measure of the impact of the core and is thus essential for our continued funding and leadership support. The CCR Genomics Core will be appreciative if you could please provide us with a PDF of any publications in which the CCR Genomics Core is acknowledged.


iLab Website

The Core uses iLab solutions to allow the core staff and customers to track requests, reservations, and billing information in a centralized searchable database. Users must be registered under your PI as a member on iLab. Log-in using your NIH credentials. If you are a new member, register under your PI from the list. You will not be able to register unless your PI has an active CAN number. Contact the Core (liz_conner@nih.gov) if your PI is not listed.

Next-generation sequencing data delivery and retention policies

Next Gen sequencing data will be delivered via pre-signed URLs in the form of a .tar archive (complete run directory) or, if fastq processing is requested, a .zip file containing all fastq files as well as a package containing QC metrics.

All presigned-URLs are valid from two weeks from the delivery date. If the link expires, please contact the core at ncilecdnacore@mail.nih.gov

All project data (both raw and processed) will be stored for a period of one year from the run completion date. Please backup and store your project data within this timeframe. While it is possible that project data may retrieved after this time frame, we cannot guarantee that all raw files will be available.